Quality, know-how and safety

Founded in 1973, Gertal's success is based on offering catering services with the best quality/price ratio in the market today. Customers include a wide variety of institutions, including nurseries and pre-schools, schools, universities, health care centres, hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, the armed forces, prisons and other public and private companies.

Gertal puts its know-how to work for its customers by involving specially trained staff in the areas of nutrition, meal planning and food safety.

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Gertal - ISO 9001
Gertal - ISO 22000
Gertal - ISO 14001
Gertal - ISO 18001
Gertal - Entidade Formadora Certificada


Specialisation, innovation and food safety

Itau provides catering services that meet the highest standards of food quality and safety.

The company operates in all lines of the business, but there are three main areas in which it is highly specialised: companies, teaching establishments and health care and social facilities.

For each area of specialisation, Itau has developed suitable offerings based on solutions that are custom designed to fit the particular dynamics and characteristics of the organisations in these market segments.

In order to respond to the demands of today's catering market, Itau has created a new concept of service that is embodied in the Itau Café brand. The Itau Café counter service was designed to reflect the values that the brand wishes to convey: quality, hygiene, modernity, functionality and innovation.

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Itau - ISO 9001
Itau - ISO 22000
Itau - ISO 14001
Itau - ISO 18001
Itau - Entidade Formadora Certificada