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Innovation and quality of services and products

Sogenave operates in the area of distribution of food products and logistics. The company purchases, sells and distributes a wide range of food product lines. Using its two distribution platforms, Sogenave handles the Group's logistics operations, guaranteeing coverage for the entire country.

Sogenave invests in specialised training for its team and is able to offer flexible, versatile service and, exclusively, a careful selection of leading brands designed for catering, the HoReCa channel and large scale and wholesale distributions.

Sogenave can also provide other innovative solutions: an integrated solution designed for organised restaurant and catering chains that includes a complete set of support for food cost control, process standardisation and guaranteed levels of service to be agreed with the customer; and a customised service designed for institutions that carefully manages menus, making it possible to prepare tailor-made menus for the customer, with the customer controlling and guaranteeing a specific cost per meal.

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