We provide services. We add value.770 million. Turnover.96 million Meals per year.31,000 Workers

There are many ways we can be of service to your company.
Always flexibly, economically and efficiently.

  • Food Services and Event Catering

    Food Services and Event Catering

    Cerger is responsible for managing catering concessions in well-known settings.

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  • Cleaning


    Iberlim and Nova Serviços are market leaders in technical cleaning.

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  • Records and Information Managment

    Records and Information Managment

    Papiro is our specialist in Business Process Outsourcing.

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  • Service Vouchers

    Service Vouchers

    Ticket Restaurant has several types of service vouchers available that are designed to meet the needs of companies and their employees.

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  • Guarding and Electronic Security

    Guarding and Electronic Security

    Strong and Alarmiberica Internacional operates in the areas of guarding and electronic security.

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  • Vending


    Serdial is one of the largest distributors of vending machines in the country.

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  • Catering


    Gertal, Itau and Socigeste offer catering solutions to meet any need.

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  • Facilities Services

    Facilities Services

    Sinal Mais and Climamor work together to provide one-stop, multiple service solutions.

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  • Supplies and Logistics

    Supplies and Logistics

    Sogenave is responsible for the Group's logistics operations and distributes products of selected brands.

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  • Shared Services

    Shared Services

    B2B Nutrimais provides shared services for the Group's operations and for other customers.

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We started our business in the food sector, where we have been operating for 50 years. Because of our close relationship with our customers, we were able to develop a positioning strategy that has evolved into a multi-service offering.

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