There are many ways we can be of service to your company.
Always flexibly, economically and efficiently.

  • Cleaning


    Specialized technical cleaning services nationally recognized for excellent response time and implementation.

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  • Benefits and Incentives

    Benefits and Incentives

    Management and marketing of customized products allowing its customers to optimize extra-salary benefits.

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  • Integrated Managed Services

    Integrated Managed Services

    A fully integrated service provider, with a single contact point for all business and facility service activities.

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  • Vending Machines

    Vending Machines

    Nationwide implementation of practical and effcient solutions in response to the specific vending needs of its customers.

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  • Industrial Production

    Industrial Production

    Development and production of cleaning products and detergents for the professional market, guaranteeing efficiency and competitiveness.

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  • Food Services and Event Catering

    Food Services and Event Catering

    Management of catering concessions, catering services and events management in a wide and diverse range of spaces.

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  • Workplace Health & Safety

    Workplace Health & Safety

    Nationwide health and safety services, food safety, fire extinguisher maintenance and training.

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  • Food Production

    Food Production

    Diversified food production combining freshness and quality with convenience and easy to use products such as: coffee, fruit and vegetables and pre prepared meals.

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  • Staffing and Outsourcing

    Staffing and Outsourcing

    Selection and recruitment of human resources for temporary work and provision, assistance and support to outsourcing companies.

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  • Surveillance and Security

    Surveillance and Security

    The largest and most differentiated offer of private security services in the national market, with specialized guarding and electronic surveillance solutions.

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  • Facilities Maintenance and Management

    Facilities Maintenance and Management

    Optimization of resources through the design, construction and integrated maintenance of facilities.

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  • Shared Services

    Shared Services

    Shared service skills in administrative management, human resources, accounting and information systems.

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  • Catering Services


    Leading position in the market, offering customized food solutions for clients from many different sectors.

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  • Logistics and Brand Representation

    Logistics and Brand Representation

    Bringing the best solutions and products to all its customers across the nation.

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  • Records and Information Managment

    Records and Information Managment

    Digital transformation and process implementation in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), contributing to the simplification of client activity.

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We started our business in the food sector, where we have been operating for 50 years. Because of our close relationship with our customers, we were able to develop a positioning strategy that has evolved into a multi-service offering.

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