Trivalor Group embraces Portugal's largest scout camp-out

Trivalor Group embraces Portugal's largest scout camp-out


The 22nd national scouting camp out, which brought together over 17,000 people in Idanha-a-Nova, from 4-10 August, was once again served by a large scale Grupo Trivalor operation.

In just 6 days, 310,000 meals were served to young people from more than nine countries. More than 170 tonnes of food products were distributed.

This year, the largest scout camp-out in Portugal made an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the largest group hug in the world. And for a hug of that size, only a group like the Trivalor Group, with the size and capacity to organise and execute an operation of this scale would be able to meet the catering needs of this mega event. Thanks to the coordination and synergies that exist among our companies, Sogenave, Itau and Socigeste, the world's largest group hug was achieved at the event.

Historically, the Trivalor Group has always been present at big Portuguese events, always responding with the capacity, volume and quality that the group is known for. Even in the most unlikely places, we get the job done.

Congratulations to all of our staff who were involved in the event and who, each in their own way, contributed to its success.