Trivalor Group wins 600 jobs with CTT

Trivalor Group wins 600 jobs with CTT


Faced with an urgent need to set up an efficient operation, under special circumstances, to provide cleaning services at approximately 600 sites scattered throughout the country, the Trivalor Group rose to the challenge.

In an operation that involved approximately 900 employees and that needed to be set up in only 4 days, our size proved to be a determining factor in our ability to respond. It is only because we are a solid group, with the size, experience and elevated capacity to respond in very demanding situations, that were we able to quickly and efficiently satisfy our customer's needs.

This is how the Trivalor Group, through its company Iberlim, responded to CTT's request, and today the company operates on a large scale nationwide. The challenges in terms of financing, logistics, human resources, set-up and operations that needed to be met under a tight deadline were enormous, but it is great achievements that make us bigger. And better.

Our hats go off to all those who made it possible for the Group to respond to these challenges and to all those who contribute every day to the success of our organisation, and most particularly in this case to our Iberlim employees, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks.