Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The various companies in the Trivalor Group have believed for many years in the idea of sustainable development in the different aspects of their business activities with respect to four main areas of intervention:

a) Responsibility and Transparency in Management Models
b) Commitment to Eco-efficiency and Environmental Protection
c)Investment in People and the Social Dimension
d) Social Responsibility Practices

The Trivalor Group encourages its companies to make a commitment to sustainable economic, social and environmental development. The Trivalor Group recognises that social responsibility is one of the pillars of sustainability and therefore takes the community and the various stakeholders as well as the environment in which the companies operate into account when making management decisions. This is manifested by voluntary inclusion of social and environmental concerns, supported by internal procedures and guidelines approved at the highest level.

The objectives that serve as guidelines for including social responsibility practices in the business are also taken into account when adopting the principle of responsible procurement, considering such aspects as choosing local suppliers, adoption of practices to regulate consumption of raw materials and natural resources, limiting the use of products that have an undesirable impact on the environment, and the involvement of suppliers in achieving these objectives.

The labour-relations policies developed incorporate fundamental principles like respect for human rights, refusal to use child labour, hiring of persons with disabilities, equal opportunities and investment in career advancement and skills development.

Please Click here (Big download 60MBytes) to access the 2017 sustainability Report (Portuguese version only).

In this development model, Trivalor demands that its employees behave in a professional manner in keeping with the values and ethical principles that have been approved and transmitted at the various levels of the organisation, and encourages them to fight against corruption, to strive for transparency in relations with shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners and workers.
Trivalor is a member of GRACE (Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio à Cidadania Empresarial).